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Filtered Water Pitchers

Unlike under-faucet filtration devices, filtered water pitchers allow users to purify water wherever they please. Aside from straining particulates and chemicals from water, filtered water pitchers make storing purified water a breeze. 

Our filtered water pitchers use gravity to help push the water through the filter. As the water passes through the filter, the various layers inside the cartridge trap particles and chemicals like sediment and chlorine. As they use gravity to help pass water through the filter cartridge, the water pitchers do not require any electricity or energy.

We use a propretiary blend activated carbon and ion exchange resin in our products. Activated carbon or charcoal captures heavier particles and chemicals, such as Chlorine, as they pass through the filter cartridge. Ion exchange filters change the chemical properties of magnesium and calcium compounds, making them easier to capture as they pass through membranes. Which helps soften and improve the taste of the water.

All of our water pitchers are 100% BPA free and free from and phthalates.

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