It’s a bid-what?
Bidets are plumbing fixtures or toilet accessories which allow a user to clean their sensitive areas using water and pressure. Compared to toilet paper, bidets are far more effective at eliminating bacteria and unwanted residues after toilet use. However, while most of the world saw the bidet as a necessity in their daily lives, it hardly occurred to us Westerners. We thought we were perfectly fine with our toilet paper as we have been conditioned to. It was only when bidet seats and attachments appeared on the market that Americans became increasingly aware of bidets. And, their ability to offer superior hygienic cleaning like no dry, abrasive toilet paper can.

Isn’t it more expensive to use a bidet compared to using toilet paper?
Absolutely not. On average, using a bidet would only require the equivalent amount of 2 glasses of water per wash. Washing the hands thoroughly would require even more than that.

On the other hand, using toilet paper exclusively is pretty costly. The average person uses about 8-9 sheets of toilet paper per toilet use, totaling about 57 sheets per day. An average family would go through a massive amount of toilet paper rolls in a year. That’s a great deal of money getting flushed down the toilet!

How does it attach to my toilet seat?
Bidet toilet attachments are commonly attached in between the toilet seat and bowl. Installing the bidet would first require removing the toilet seat, mounting the bidet over the toilet bowl, and re-fastening the toilet seat on top of everything.

But will it fit my toilet?
Our bidets use universal components, so that they fit standard two-piece and some one-piece toilets. 

Do I need batteries or an outlet for this bidet?
Only electric bidet seats require electricity to run. Bidet toilet attachments simply connect to your water supply, and use your existing water pressure to run.

What are the benefits of non-electric over electric bidets?
At first glance, electric bidet seats seem to beat non-electric bidets such as bidet toilet attachments, hand-held bidets or travel bidets. Considering common electric bidet features such as warm water, heated seat and remote control, getting the non-electric sort might feel like missing out on the finer things in life. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, because non-electric bidets clean just as well as those that run on power. Moreover, non-electric bidets are considerably cheaper, easier to install and operate, and do not use energy.

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