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How to Remove an Old Shower Head

Over a period of time, the shower head accumulates rust or minerals that causes the shower head to be stuck. Removing the shower head is actually very simple you just need to unscrew the threaded end of the shower pipe by using your hand but in case it doesn’t work you may follow these following steps:

1. You can use pliers or adjustable wrench with the help of a piece of cloth. Cover the tool that you’re going to use with the cloth to protect fitting and place it on the connecting nut. Tighten it as needed to grip the connection. To unscrew and remove the old shower head turn it counterclockwise.

2. Use vinegar to clean a stuck shower head. In a plastic bag, fill it in with white vinegar. Fasten it over the stuck sitting, wait for several hours or overnight depending on the amount of accumulated minerals. Then remove the plastic bag and do the process above.

After following these very simple steps you can now replace it with a new shower head.

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