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Shower FAQs

Is the hand-held feature truly necessary?
Hand-held showers are in a sense, “regular” shower heads offering several additional benefits. Most notably, the hand-held feature which is very useful for efficient and comfortable showering. But even if you don’t make use of this feature, you can always keep it in its shower mount and use it as you would a standard fixed shower. There is nothing to lose and plenty to gain in using a hand-held shower head.

Hand-held shower heads came to be as a means of enhancing the shower experience, contributing to a better everyday life for its users. Given that they are being sold at reasonable prices, there are very few reasons why you should choose the regular sort instead.

What is the maximum flow rate of AquaBliss shower heads?
Our shower heads conform to federal water conservation laws and are set to a maximum water flow of 2.5 GPM.

What are some things to keep in mind when installing a hand-held shower?
When installing a new shower head, ensure that the shower arm threads are clean and free of debris. Use steel wool to clean your existing shower arm’s threads if necessary.

AquaBliss shower sets come with a roll of plumber’s tape which you can use to further prevent the chances of leakage from occurring. Simply wrap the plumber’s tape tightly around the clean shower arm threads 2-3 times in a clockwise fashion. Afterwards, hand-tighten the shower mount bracket to the shower arm pipe clockwise. Turn on the water to check for any leaks. If leakage is present, turn the water off and re-apply plumber's tape to the shower arm threads.

Can I wash my pet with the hand-held shower?
Absolutely. Our hand-held shower heads are equipped with 5 - 6.5 ft stainless steel hoses which are designed to be extremely flexible. This makes washing pets and small children quite easy.

Are your shower heads aerated?
Our HS210 Hand-Held Shower Head has a low-flow aerator feature. Because of the aeration, the water pressure will seem greater despite the water flow being capped at 2.5 GPM. You will be able to enjoy a strong water pressure while saving up on water bills.

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