Is a shower filter really necessary?
It is a mistake to think that just because we do not drink the shower water, we are safe from its chemical content. These harmful chemicals enter our bodies through a myriad of ways, such as via skin absorption, or inhalation. We may feel relatively safe in showering with unfiltered water, but in most cases, we are merely desensitized to its harshness. 

If your municipal water contains high levels of chlorine, it would be best to install a shower filter in your bathroom right away. Otherwise, you may be able to shower relatively safely without a filter for some time. Keep in mind, however, that even mildly chlorinated water contains harmful chemicals that contribute to a buildup of toxins in the body. Our bodies’ detox mechanisms can only take so much.

What are the benefits of using a shower filter?
Using a shower filter is one of the best ways to start reducing the amount of toxins your family is exposed to each day. To understand the core benefits of using a shower filter, we must understand the threats we face in constant showering using unfiltered water.

In today’s world, we are constantly exposed to a whopping 75,000+ toxins and chemical pollutants daily. The amount of serious health risks we face should be enough cause for alarm—considering that a good number of these harmful chemicals can be found in your very own shower water. The very water we expose our naked, vulnerable bodies to, the water vapor we inhale for several minutes each day.

It is common practice for utility companies to inject chlorine and other toxic chemicals into your water supply as a means of killing bacteria. However, these impurities tend to cause more harm than good, especially if there is no filter to stand in between the water source and the shower. Exposure to chlorine, in particular, has several nasty effects to the human body:

  • Chlorine tends to remove moisture from the skin and hair, leading to itchiness, dry and flaky scalp, and damaged hair. It is no wonder that constant exposure to high levels of chlorine is a leading cause of skin disorders, among other illnesses.
  • Chlorine byproducts also tend to cause cellular damage, obstructing the production of free radicals in the body. This, along with its tendency to leave you with dry, frizzy hair speeds up the aging process, destroying youthful appearances.
  • Showering with hot unfiltered water can prove to be highly toxic. Studies show that in a 10-minute hot shower, more chlorine is ingested via steam inhalation than by drinking two glasses of the same water. That’s already a huge amount of chlorine filling up the lungs. To make matters worse, even more, chlorine enters the body via skin pores opened up by warm water.
  • Feeling a bit under the weather lately? Chlorine is known to cause fatigue, depression, and a weaker autoimmune system. This can be detrimental to everyday functioning and could serve as a gateway for other serious illnesses to develop.
  • Other health risks associated with chlorine exposure include: complications with pregnancy, development of asthma in children, various cancers caused by chlorine’s by-products, and many others.

Chlorine is just one of the many toxic substances we should be wary of in our water supply. Unfiltered water also contains a massive amount of impurities such as heavy metals and organic substances like bacteria and fungi. The best shower filters are able to effectively trap and remove these substances from your shower water, allowing you to enjoy bathing without fear of becoming ill. They also prevent the interior of your shower head from becoming a breeding ground for harmful organic substances and reduces the chances of clogging to some extent.

What can I expect from showering with a filter?
You will immediately feel the difference when you take your first purified shower. The water feels really fresh and softer on the skin, and you won’t be smelling chlorine in your shower water. Soap and shampoo suds would lather up better and seem to be more effective in cleaning. And when you rinse the soap off your body, you will feel cleaner and more refreshed like never before.

Why do I need to replace the filter cartridge?
Since the shower filter contains a mixture of active ingredients, there will come a time when they have exerted their full strength and need to be replaced. The impurities trapped within the shower filter may also lead to a decrease in water flow. 

Our shower filters last upto 6 months, or upto 10,000 gallons of water use (whichever comes first) before they are ready to be replaced. Regularly replacing the filters, ensures that you and your family are safe and protected from the dangers of toxic chemical exposure. And as a bonus, you will start experiencing better showers overall. People who use our shower filter for the first time remark that the water feels better and softer on the skin, which they vastly prefer over unfiltered water.

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