About Unfiltered Water

Chlorine has been found present in unfiltered water, and it can have damaging effects on your skin and hair. It can reduce how much moisture the body absorbs and continued exposure can result in skin dryness, irritation, and dry or brittle hair. Installing a shower head water filter can reduce the possibility of chlorine exposure and leave you feeling smoother, cleaner, and healthier.

Long-term exposure to chlorine can lead to more serious health problems than just dry skin. Chlorine can enter the body through our pores and respiratory systems, leading to potential respiratory problems and serious skin conditions. According to the Center for Disease Control, testing the quality of your tap water is a recommended practice.

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As you can gather, the water that runs from your faucets is not as clean as you may think it is. In many places across the US, unfiltered water is coming out that can potentially be filled with chemical pollutants and other impurities. Depending on where you live, tap water can contain traces of chlorine, minerals, or other toxins that can pose health risks, some possibly serious.

Stop worrying about dangerous chemicals by using a water purifying showerhead. AquaBliss has carefully engineered products, like our showerhead water filter, to target impurities like chlorine and reduce their presence in your water. Shop the AquaBliss water purifying products for showers today!

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