Removable Shower Heads

There are tons of advantages to choosing a removable shower head. They can act as a standard fixed shower head, but can also be removed to direct the spray of water wherever you need it to go. This is helpful in rinsing hard-to-reach areas, especially for older people or people with physical restraints. They are also great for easily washing off children or pets during bath time.

Another bonus to removable shower heads is that they are great for washing your bathtub and shower walls. They make scrubbing off ugly soap scum or mildew a breeze. When you have a fixed shower head, it’s not easy to reach all the dirty corners. Consider purchasing a flexible showerhead from AquaBliss to keep you and your bathroom sparkling clean!

Fixed Shower Heads

Unlike removable shower heads, fixed showerheads stay attached to the wall and provide people with a fixed water flow. Depending on the kind that you buy, you can change the water pressure settings for whatever mood you're in. You’ll find these in most American homes, as they’re a pretty standard model. You can move the head around to change direction based on your height or where you’re standing in the shower, too. These are great for getting clean and rinsing off.

The Choice Is Yours

It’s totally up to you which kind of showerhead you prefer in your bathroom. Consider installing a removable shower head for more flexibility, or stick to a fixed one for standard cleaning. You can’t go wrong. Shop our AquaBliss showerhead products today!

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