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What's in your water?


One of the undeniably well-known chemicals of all time is chlorine. It may have an unattractive, tangy odor, but it sure has a wide variety of uses. For example, chlorine is used as a cleaning agent because it is a great disinfectant. But like what they say, too much of anything is not good.

Too much exposure to chlorine is unhealthy. Unfortunately, almost all our water suppliers use chlorine. I know that’s no longer a surprise, but, why should we worry about it? and how did it become unhealthy if they put that in there on purpose for our own good? Well, read on to know the dangers this toxic chemical can cause.



It robs you of your skin’s natural moisture causing a lot of skin problems such as eczema, severe dryness of the skin, dandruff, dullness of your skin and hair. Since our skin is what’s mostly exposed to chlorine, you will be able to feel how much it takes away from your skin by taking a dip in a chlorinated swimming pool. You can instantly feel the brittleness of your hair and the dryness of your skin. Most people do not realize the difference that it would make if we are not as exposed to this chemical as we are now.  



It is seriously harmful when inhaled, as well as when it's swallowed. It has the ability to damage thousands of cells in our bodies. It can easily seep deep down our pores when we take showers, most specially under warm/hot water. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that chlorine can cause asthma and other lung diseases. Long term exposure to chlorine can cause the production of free radicals in our body that could kill our healthy cells. Free radicals are carcinogenic and they can cause serious dangers to our health.



It is best that we refrain from using chlorinated water on our pets. Chlorine, when continually inhaled, may affect the entire immune system as well as the respiratory system of our beloved pets. Their immune system is more susceptible to the effects of chlorinated water as it stays longer on their skin than us humans depending on how thick their fur is. Chlorinated water that runs through our sewers to natural bodies of water damages the balance of their natural habitat. So, by using chlorinated water, we are also contributing to the damage caused by these toxic chemicals to nature.

These are just some of the numerous dangers of chlorine in our health and our environment. You are an easy target of these hazards if you won't decide to make sure that the water you are using is safe today, you will suffer the inevitable health consequences in the future.

Having said these things, chlorine may be an inevitable component of our daily lives. There is something we can do to significantly lessen or prevent our exposure to this harmful chemical. Thanks to science and modern technology, we now have these compact filtering solutions that we could easily install in our homes.

We can do something. We don’t need to risk and expose the ones we love to the harmful effects of something we cannot avoid. Chlorine can be removed. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

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