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Why is AquaBliss Perfect For The Holiday Season?

Anti-Chlorine Shower Filters Make Great Holiday Gifts
If you are stumped for a unique gift for the person who has everything, get them something so personal they will only use it behind closed doors.
No, it’s nothing naughty, but something very nice.
Give them an anti-chlorine shower filter because you care about them and their health.

You obsess about the water you put in your body, purchasing bottled water, filtering pitchers and adding filters to faucets. What about the water on the outside of the body?
Why filter water we use in the shower? To help eliminate bacteria and chlorine are two great reasons.

Our bodies are full of bacteria, many of which are vital to our overall wellness, but there are also the not so helpful ones that can throw our natural bacterial balance out of kilter.
Showerheads are warm and damp, veritable playgrounds for bacteria. Only a small percentage of bacteria in the shower are harmful, but filtering out as many as possible can help keep you healthy.
It is always a good idea to try to stay away from chlorine, but most unfiltered tap water contains enough to negatively impact you. Chlorine has been linked to many health problems, including respiratory issues, cancer, erosion of tooth enamel, even dementia.
While chlorine is not easily absorbed through the skin, you take it in through your lungs during a warm shower, and can end up with higher concentrations of chlorine in the body than if you drank unfiltered tap water. An anti-chlorine filter is especially important if you like warm or hot showers, since warm water opens pores in your skin as well as your sinuses, making it easier for bacteria and chlorine to enter the body.
Not all filters are effective with warm water!
So, when you’re shopping for holiday gifts, toys and sweaters are fine, but consider anti-chlorine shower filters for the special people on your list. And be sure to include one for yourself.

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