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Shower heads offer a variety of options - different spray settings, adjustable streams and the flexibility needed for hard-to-reach areas. These different options are usually available in two different types of heads - the fixed shower head and the handheld shower. Personal preference is the number one deciding factor in which option people choose. Here are the differences:

Fixed Shower Heads

Affixed to the wall, these heads offer people a fixed water flow. The steady stream is great for washing hair or rinsing off suds. The no-hands-required head allows users to keep their hands free for washing, rinsing, and shaving.

A shower head that is fixed to the wall has ball joint connections which let you change the angle of the water flow.

Handheld Showers

The flexible hose of a handheld shower allows users to reach lower in the shower stall - perfect for washing children and pets. Since the spray will go where it's directed, it is easy to rinse hard-to-reach areas (like behind the knees or the bottom of the foot). Handheld showers can be holstered on the wall for ease-of-use while soaping or lathering hair.

Seniors or those who use a shower chair or bench really love handheld showers. A fixed shower head does not allow the user to fully rinse because the shower chair limits the placement of the user in the shower stall. With a handheld shower, the user can sit comfortably and position the spray exactly where it is needed without having to move the chair.

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