AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Held Shower Head Set - Chrome (HS300 TheraSpa Hand Held Shower Head Set - Chrome (HS300
AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Held Shower Head Set - Chrome (HS300)
$25.99 $39.95
Step into a Sanctuary of Indulgence with 6 Mode TheraSpa Rain Shower Head With Extra Long Hose Designed for precise versatility, the AquaBliss TheraSpa handheld showerhead is a bathroom essential every home needs. With multiple spray settings and a 6.5 feet long hose, you can better target whatever you need to wash or rinse. This flexible long showerhead allows everyone ⏤ including pets, kids, the disabled, and seniors ⏤ to experience enjoyable showers. Six Spray Settings to Indulge and Save A removable shower head with an extra long hose allows you to step under 5 different medspa settings, melting away tension and stress until you can take a deep breath and relax. Then switch to its Water-Saving mode to stay warm while you lather up. The six spray settings of our chrome handheld showerhead include: Pulsating Massage ⏤ Target smaller, tighter knots and muscle tension for advanced, focused muscle pressure relief Rain ⏤ Gentle enough to rinse away soap and dirt without hurting adults’ delicate skin. Heavy Mist ⏤ Calm frayed nerves after a grueling day Rain + Soft Massage ⏤ Resembles a light waterfall shower which is good for rinsing/washing sensitive areas of the body Rain + Soft Mist ⏤ Powerful yet gentle enough to rinse away dirt, grime, and soap off of pets and children (even those with SPD) without causing fear. Water-Saving ⏤ Stay warm while you reduce 80% to 90% of water flow! No-Tangle Double-Rotating Long Showerhead Our 360° rotating and 6.5 feet long shower head with an extra long hose reduces the risk of slips and falls, enabling independent washing for seniors and people with disabilities. This long, no-tangle design also makes it easier to wash children, pets, and hard-to-reach places in your bathroom. Impeccable Quality, Unbeatable Value Dare to compare the high-grade, high-quality materials other shower nozzle systems use and you’ll quickly see why we use the highest-quality, torrent-defying plastics, a fully stainless-steel hose, and brass nuts. No cheap plastic in sight! Five Minutes to Bliss — So Easy, There are No Tools Needed! Need a stress-relieving, soothing, healing shower now? Our high-pressure shower head with extra long hose easily twists on exactly where your current shower head lives now. Simply unscrew your current fixed shower head or hand-held shower head, affix the included plumbers tape around the threading, then screw on the new portable showerhead, and voila! You’re ready to go — no plumbing skills are required. What’s included in the TheraSpa handheld showerhead set? Adjustable/Flexible Shower Mount 6-Setting Theraspa Showerhead (detachable) Ultra-Flexible 6.5 Foot Shower Hose Plumbers Tape Step by Step Instructions Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed — Try It Risk-Free On Us! Our showerhead promotes natural relaxation, supports independent bathing, and helps you wash anything and everything. We know you’ll enjoy using this showerhead. But if you don’t totally love the product, return it within 30 days and get a full refund ⏤ no questions asked. A 12-month warranty is also included!
Turbo ShowerHead Turbo Spa Shower Head
TurboSpa Ultra High-Pressure Shower Head - Chrome (FS100)
$18.99 $29.95
Our High-Powered Shower Head Makes Showers Like a day at the Hydrotherapy Spa – Only Better Your Daily At-Home Hydro-Therapy Spa Now you don’t have to leave the home to experience the relaxing hydrotherapy spa treatment you love. The AquaBliss Turbo-Spa’s 42 ultra-high pressure showerhead nozzles accelerated channeling system force a torrent of massaging water through each individual channel at maximum force – so you experience indulgent relief, just like a day at the spa, without needing an appointment. The Most Powerful Flow – US Government Max The key to a powerful high water pressure shower head is not water volume, but the amount of force applied to water flow. With a unique flow regulator setup and cutting-edge independent channel design, the TurboSpa high-powered shower head pushes water through each nozzle with the most powerful force allowed by US government regulations. The Widest Coverage – Drench Every Inch TurboSpa is guaranteed to drench every inch of you in a pleasant, soothing water stream. This high-powered shower head comes with an extra-wide spray and an adjustable joint which allows you to direct the water stream anywhere on your body. Never Lose Your Flow – No Buildup Self-Cleaning Nozzles While mineral deposits quickly block flow in most rain shower nozzles, our self-cleaning showerhead allows you to shower time and time again without giving scale or mineral deposits a second thought! Universal No-Tool Installation – A Leak-Proof Shower in Minutes If drippy, water-wasting, ill-fitting shower heads got you down then you’ll love our universally compatible high-pressure shower head. The TurboSpa high-powered shower head has a leak-free design and standard ½” connections, so all you have to do is twist off your old shower head, and twist on the new one in less than two minutes! Unrivaled Quality – Unbeatable Value Our fixed showerhead offers the best value for your money. From innovative design to cutting-edge engineering and a crack-proof brass ball joint, we promise you won’t find a better quality high-powered shower head for this price — period. 1-Year Warranty — Try It Risk-Free & Love It or Your Money Back TurboSpa will take you to an indulgent spa retreat. We know you’ll fall in love with its wide spray and massaging water jets. But if this high water pressure shower head just isn’t for you, you can return the product within 30 days and get a full refund ⏤ no questions asked. We also back it up with a one-year warranty! USA-Based Customer Care AquaBliss products come with simple instructions and are super easy to install. But if you need more help, you can get in touch with our all-American customer service team. For any questions, comments, or suggestions, reach out to us any time and we'd be happy to help.

Removable Showerheads

There are tons of advantages to choosing a removable showerhead. They can act as a standard fixed shower head, but can also be removed to direct the spray of water wherever you need it to go. This is helpful in rinsing hard-to-reach areas, especially for older people or people with physical restraints. They are also great for easily washing off children or pets during bath time. 

Another bonus to removable showerheads is that they are great for washing your bathtub and shower walls. They make scrubbing off ugly soap scum or mildew a breeze. When you have a fixed shower head, it’s not easy to reach all the dirty corners. Consider purchasing a flexible showerhead from AquaBliss to keep you and your bathroom sparkling clean!

Fixed Showerheads

Unlike removable showerheads, fixed showerheads stay attached to the wall and provide you with a fixed water flow. Depending on the kind that you buy, you can change the water pressure settings for whatever mood you're in. You’ll find these in most American homes, as they’re a pretty standard model. You can move the head around to change direction based on your height or where you’re standing in the shower, too. These are great for getting clean and rinsing off.

The Choice Is Yours

It’s totally up to you which kind of showerhead you prefer in your bathroom. Consider installing a removable showerhead for more flexibility, or stick to a fixed one for standard cleaning. You can’t go wrong. Shop our showerheads today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our frequently asked questions about showerheads to make an informed decision about the best showerhead for your home!

Which Has a Higher Water Pressure: Mineral Showerhead or AquaBliss TurboSpa Showerhead?

AquaBliss TurboSpa showerheads have a unique flow regulator setup and cutting-edge independent channel design that results in a much higher water pressure than mineral or negative ion showerheads.

Can I Install AquaBliss Showerhead Myself?

Installing a flexible showerhead or removable showerhead yourself is easy as installing a new bulb. It takes only a few seconds — no plumbing experience or special tools are needed! Our showerheads are universally compatible with standard ½” connections, so they will fit any showerhead connection point you have. Simply twist off your old showerhead and twist on the new one to hop in and enjoy a good wash.

How Do You Clean a Fixed Showerhead?

AquaBliss fixed showerheads are self-cleaning, meaning they won’t get clogged by mineral deposits that create scales and block the flow of water.

Which Is Better for Hard Water: Mineral Showerhead or Showerhead Filter?

Unlike mineral or negative ion showerheads, AquaBliss showerhead water filters are scientifically proven to reduce unwanted chemicals in the water and make hard water feel better.

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