Shower Filters

What is the difference between the SF100 & SF220 shower filters?

The SF220 is a heavy-duty shower filter that is dedicated to removing chlorine and other harmful impurities from the water. The SF100 is part of our revitalizing filter collection, which removes a high level of these harmful contaminants while also infusing the water with beneficial minerals and vitamins. This helps rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, hair, and nails.

What is the difference between the SF500 & SF220 shower filters?

The SF220 is our first generation shower filter dedicated to chlorine and other harmful contaminant reduction. The SF500 heavy-duty shower filter is based on the extensive customer feedback we received from SF220 users. The heavy-duty shower filter contains approximately 25-30% more filter media than the first generation shower filter, removable sediment pads, adapter, and leak-free seals, all within a similarly sized outer shell. 

Will AquaBliss shower filters reduce the water pressure?

Our shower filters are designed to maximize your water flow, so they will not reduce or restrict your water flow.

How often do I need to replace the shower filter cartridge?

We recommend changing the filter’s cartridge for your shower at least every 4-6 months. This will ensure your shower filter is functioning optimally.

Can this shower filter remove Chloramine?

No. While Chloramine is made from Chlorine and Ammonia, it reacts differently to Chlorine. If your municipal water has high levels of chloramine, it may be a good idea to use a whole-house filtration system or a similar dedicated chloramine filter.

Will this work with my existing shower head?

Yes! Our shower filters use standard ½” connections. This ensures maximum compatibility with all standard shower heads.

Can I use a TDS meter to test the water quality?

TDS meters measure the conductivity of the water, which can help identify salts or other impurities that have positive charges. However, common disinfection by-products in water — such as chlorine, iron, chloramine, etc. — do not impact the conductivity of the water. So they would not be detected by a TDS meter.

When it comes to measuring general water quality, a TDS meter is not very helpful. Instead, it would be better to use more specialized tests to test for specific chemicals or metals, such as a chlorine colorimeter. 

Water Pitchers 

How often do you need to change the filter cartridge on my water pitcher?

We recommend changing the filter cartridge every 4 months for optimum performance.

How do I store my unused cartridges?

Keep your unused cartridges sealed and in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight to preserve their quality until you’re ready to swap the new ones into your water pitcher. 

Are AquaBliss water pitchers BPA-Free?

Yes, all AquaBliss water pitchers and cartridges are BPA-free!

Which pitcher do these cartridges fit?

The XL cartridges work with the FWP1 filtered water pitcher.

What cartridges does this pitcher use and where can I purchase them?

This model uses the FWPC XL cartridges. They are available for sale here.

Showers and Shower Heads

Is this shower head compatible with my shower filters?

Yes! Our shower heads and shower filters both use standard 1/2" connections. This means that you can reliably use both of our products together for the best possible experience.

Can your shower set be used as a standard wall mount shower head?

Yes! If you dock the shower head in the shower mount/bracket, you can use it as a standard shower. 

Do you need any tools to install AquaBliss shower sets?

No. The shower set is designed to be installed without any tools. However, you may need a wrench to remove your existing showerhead.

Does the water-saving pause mode completely shut off the water?

No. The water-saving mode is designed to cut water flow by 80-90%. This ensures it complies with regulations.

Will AquaBliss shower heads work with my existing shower arm?

Yes! If your existing shower arm is a standard threaded shower arm, it will be compatible with this shower set.

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How much does shipping cost? How long will it take?

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Where do you ship?

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International orders

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