AquaBliss Revitalizing Shower Filter - Chrome (SF100)

$35.86 $59.95 -41% OFF

AquaBliss Revitalizing Shower Filter - Chrome (SF100)

$35.86 $59.95 -41% OFF
  • Infuses High-Quality Minerals — Get Gorgeous Skin, Hair, and Nails
  • Multi Stage Filter Reduces Contaminants to Make Water Feel Softer
  • Improves PH Balance — Soothe Dry Itchy Skin and Reduce Dandruff and Eczema
  • Universal Fit — Just Screw In for Easy Installation

The AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter — The quickest, easiest, and most effective way to naturally reduce dry, flaky skin while supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails

Made with 75% filtration media and 25% rejuvenating ingredients, the AquaBliss SF100 purifies your water and restores a healthy appearance. Our proprietary system not only reduces impurities from tap water but also soaks your hair, skin, and nails in beneficial vitamins and minerals to help repair damage. Boost your natural beauty with this revolutionary shower filter.

Blissful Rejuvenation

Say hello to glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails with this one-of-a-kind filter. The AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter infuses your water with oxygen, vitamin C, and essential minerals to help your body repair itself. Enjoy nourishing showers that make you radiate beauty and health.

Soft Feeling, Fresh Smelling Water

Water flowing through the AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter provides maximum water filtration to neutralize odors, reduce harmful chemicals, and restore water to its naturally soft feeling state.

Premium-Quality Filtration

While many shower filter brands claim to have more stages, it’s the quality of the materials, not quantity that matters. The AquaBliss SF100 uses premium-grade filters like calcium sulfite and redox media to effectively reduce dirt, chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), and more.

Kindergarten-Easy Install — No Tools Required

If you can twist in a light bulb, you can install the AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter. Whether you have a fixed, rain, or handheld shower head, you can attach our filter to your fixtures in less than two minutes.

Universal Fit

The SF100 filter has standard ½” connections, making it compatible with all types of shower heads.

How It Works

The SF100 combines numerous filtration and rejuvenating ingredients into a multi-stage shower filter. Below, we’ll explain how this proprietary system purifies your water and makes you look radiant.

  • Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh ⏤ Stops medium-sized sediments from getting into the AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter
  • Micro-porous PP cotton ⏤ Captures small sediment, dust, and turpitudes
  • Calcium sulfite ⏤ Effectively reduces chlorine in both hot and cold water
  • Redox media ⏤ Further reduces chlorine, even in hot water
  • Activated carbon ⏤ Further reduces chlorine, THMs, and other contaminants in water
  • Mineralized beads ⏤ Release beneficial minerals and boost the water’s oxygen content 
  • Zeolite ceramic beads ⏤ Infuses the water with revitalizing minerals
  • Ceramic Vitamin C ⏤ Infused vitamin C into your shower water
  • Tourmaline ⏤ Boosts filtration and releases revitalizing minerals that transform your hair
  • Magnetic energy ⏤ Energizes water with oxygen to nourish hair, skin, and nails
  • Micro-porous PP cotton ⏤ Prevents captured sediments or filtration media from leaving the AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter
  • Ultra-fine stainless steel mesh ⏤ Keeps the micro-porous cotton in place and blocks medium-sized sediments from getting into the SF100 filter when the cartridge is reversed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The AquaBliss SF100 gives you softer skin, smoother hair, and tougher nails after a few showers. Our customers adore the AquaBliss high output revitalizing shower filter and we’re sure you’ll love it too. But if you don’t fall in love with this product, send it back and we’ll give you a full refund ⏤ no questions asked.


Revitalizing Shower Filter Multi-Stage Shower Filter HD Multi-Stage Shower Filter
AquaBliss Revitalizing
Shower Filter
AquaBliss Multi-Stage
Shower Filter
AquaBliss HD Multi-Stage Shower Filter
Model AB-SF100 AB-SF220 AB-SF500
Calcium Sulfite
Redox Media
Activated Carbon
Pre-Filter Washers
Replaceable Sediment Filter Pads
Chlorine Reduction Effective Highly Effective Extremely Effective
Infuses Water with Beneficial Vitamins & Minerals Zeolite, Vitamin C, Tourmaline & Magnetic Energy beads
Free Compatibility Adapter
Fast & Friendly USA Customer Care
Step-by-Step Instructions
Thread Size 1/2 inch 1/2 inch 1/2 inch
Size (inches) 4.65 (h) x 3.35 (w) 4.65 (h) x 3.35 (w) 4.76 (h) x 3.31 (w)
Weight 0.70 lbs 0.95 lbs 1.34 lbs
Cartridges Included 1 x SFC100 1 x SFC220 1 x SFC500
Compatible Cartridges SFC100, SFC220 SFC220, SFC100 SFC500


What is the difference between the SF100 & SF220?

The SF220 is a heavy-duty shower filter which is dedicated to removing chlorine and other harmful impurities from the water. The SF100 removes a high level of these harmful contaminants while also infusing the water with beneficial minerals and vitamins. These help rejuvenate and revitalize your skin, hair and nails.

Will it reduce the water pressure?

The shower filter is designed to maximize your water flow, so it will not reduce or restrict your water flow.

How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

We recommend changing the cartridge at least every 4-6 months. This will ensure the optimal performance of the shower filter.

Can this shower filter remove Chloramine?

No - While Chloramine is made from Chlorine and Ammonia, it reacts differently to Chlorine. If your municipal water has high levels of chloramine, it may be a good idea to use a whole-house filtration system or a similar dedicated chloramine filter.

Will this work with my existing shower head?

Yes - The shower filter uses standard ½” connections, to ensure maximum compatibility with all standard shower heads.

Can I use a TDS meter to test the water quality?

TDS meters measure the conductivity of the water, which can help identify salts or other impurities which have positive charges. However, common disinfection by-products in water, such as chlorine, iron, chloramine etc, do not impact the conductivity of the water. So they would not be picked up by a TDS meter.

So for measuring general water quality, a TDS meter is not very helpful. Instead, it would be better to use more specialized tests to test for specific chemicals or metals, such as a chlorine colorimeter. 

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Customer Reviews

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Carren Marlatt
Above and Beyond

I love this product. I appreciate Aquabliss for providing this high quality filter at such a reasonable price. Thank you!!! You have helped me take charge of my health inside and out. So pleased with Customer Service who responded to my email same day, correcting a shipping glitch. Received my first order within 4 days. All around amazing!

Carren in Seattle

Buenny Fry
Great filter

I can tell the difference in the softness of the water. Assembly was quick and easy and the filter was easy to change on my other one. Would recommend.

Raewyn Guerrero
I bought 6 of them!

I live on a well but every now and then we run out of water. We had to get truck borne city water recently and the smell of the chlorine was making me gag, not to mention what it was doing to my skin. I ordered the. Aquabliss SF100 and installed it the day it arrived. Chlorine smell gone, and no more dry itchy skin almost instantly! I then ordered 5 more, for the other showers in the house (Each bathroom has a handheld and an over head shower). I’ve also recommended it to a couple of my clients who are loving it!

Terrence Mccall
Good for old skin

Reallyr nice to calm down on 88year old skin

Y. Marie Paratto
Love It

Extremely easy to install. I’m seeing a difference already in my hair. My true color is showing instead of a brassy yellow.

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