15 Types of Shower Heads for Your Bathroom

types of shower head

What’s in a shower head? A lot. Your bathroom shower head is responsible for the amount of water pressure, water conservation (if that is important to you), and is based on your personal preference.

Most people don’t think about it much, and they don’t understand what a difference a shower head can make. Whether it is a rain shower head or a dual shower head, a new shower head can be life-changing. So which is right for you?


Different Types of Shower Heads

There are a dizzying amount of different types of shower heads to choose from to replace your old showerhead. Finding the right shower head involves looking through your options and finding the one that checks all of your wants and needs.

A shower head controls things like water pressure and conservation. It can be stationary or pivot, and it can also be specialized with luxury features like massage and smart heads for a more luxurious experience.


Standard Wall Mount

Standard Wall Mount showerhead

A standard wall mount shower head is the easiest and most common shower head configuration. Most fixed showerheads are the least expensive, are easiest to replace and are available in stock at most do-it-yourself centers.

Wall-mount showerheads can come in various sizes, with the larger ones providing the weakest pressure. Standard wall mounts tend to come with little variety and few options. Typically, standard wall-mount shower heads are also fixed shower heads.


High-Pressure Shower Heads

Turbo ShowerHead

High-pressure bathroom shower heads are meant to deliver a higher-powered water stream. They are the alternative to low-flow shower heads that are meant to curb water use and limit water intensity to reduce water consumption and energy costs.

They work by removing water flow limitations that can make your shower feel weak. High-pressure shower heads are for people who are not concerned with water usage and want a more intense showering experience. Some come with massage features to reduce muscle tension, stress, and joint discomfort, depending on personal preference.

Showerheads like AquaBliss High-Pressure Shower Head come with various advantages, such as universal compatibility, various spray speeds, and wide spray patterns to get to all your body parts. High-pressure shower heads are fixed types of shower head.


Rain Shower

Rain Showerhead

Rain showerheads are exactly what the name implies; they are meant to provide a shower experience that mimics standing in the rain. Rain shower heads tend to be wider and larger than standard shower heads.

They provide a luxurious experience and are often found in spas and hotels. They tend to be more expensive than other types of shower heads. They are usually accompanied by rain shower systems, depending on the shower design.

The force of a rain shower can vary from one brand to the next and is relative to the size of the showerhead itself.



Dual bathroom showerhead systems offer more than one shower head working at a time. Both heads can offer varying sizes and intensities of spray patterns and also have different options.

It is possible to have both a fixed shower head and a handheld option, with the idea that you can get a different type of shower experience depending on your mood, or you can combine the two for an extra intense and therapeutic shower. A dual head is also an advantage when you want to use a handheld to clean the shower.



handheld showerhead

Handheld shower head styles are housed on a mounted bracket and can be removed, and they provide a high-pressure stream of water that you can angle and concentrate exactly where you want it.

They offer various features, such as powerful therapeutic benefits and misting. Most come with settings that allow you to choose from various powers and experiences. The advantage of a handheld is that you have many options available, including a spray setting.

They are easy to clean, quick to install, and provide the same options that you get with different types of shower heads. Handheld showerheads also come in various ergonomic designs that are comfortable, and brands such as AquaBliss also offer six different spray settings to please just about everyone. Finally, handheld showerheads come in flexible hose and long hose varieties.


Shower Body Jets

Shower Body Jets

Bathroom shower body sprays are usually additional products that you add to your shower system. They are considered luxury items and give you spa-like benefits.

Shower body sprays are fixtures that are mounted to the shower wall and give a concentrated water spray that can be strategically placed where you want them. The jets can be adjusted in varying directions, patterns of water flow, and intensity of spray, which is why they are usually associated with therapeutic massage.

Shower body sprays usually come with higher water consumption that is less friendly to the wallet and the environment. Jets do require additional bathroom plumbing features to be installed.


Shower Heads with Filters Attached

Shower Heads with Filters Attached

These are shower heads that have filters attached and are designed to remove harmful contaminants from your water. They can filter out heavy metals, chlorine, and other contaminants, so you get the advantage of healthy and pure water.

For people who use municipal water, it removes things from the water that can be detrimental to your skin, hair, and overall health. Filters can come in both fixed showerhead and not fixed options.


Panel System

Panel System

Panel system showerheads are an entire panel that rests on a fixed column adhering to the shower wall. They are available in various styles and configurations, with some even having individual temperature controls at various points.

They tend to be easy to install and an inexpensive alternative to luxury and custom bathroom showers because they don’t require plumbing changes or additions.

They also come in various options that can help to cut down on water usage, are removable, and can be reused in other showers. The advantage of panel systems is that they can often fit on any type of shower wall.


Sliding Bar

Sliding Bar shower

A sliding bar shower head is a type of shower configuration that has two different parts, a handheld showerhead and a bar for sliding the showerhead up and down. They provide flexibility and are entirely adjustable to accommodate everyone in the house.

Since the shower head is fixed on the bar, you can move it to where you want, but you do not have to hold it steady, which makes it a great option for older people or those more susceptible to slip-and-fall bathroom accidents.

The type of handheld showerheads that are attached to the sliding bar come in the same options as any handheld version. The advantage that they provide is that you can quickly overhaul an existing shower to provide concentrated areas without having to alter the existing plumbing.



Aerating showerhead

An aerating bathroom showerhead combines water with air to deliver larger water droplets, which can make you feel like you are getting more water delivery than you are.

They are meant to provide a luxury spa bath feel while using as much as 50% less water than most luxury features. Their main feature is water conservation and consistent water flow, which helps the environment as well as your monthly water costs.

They are also very versatile, having different flow rates according to your preference, and they can be applied to almost any fixed showerhead.



Low-Flow showerhead

Low-flow bathroom shower heads are designed to cut down on the amount of water that an average shower uses. Low-flow systems deliver about 2.5 GPM, with some being as low as 1.6 GPM.

Note: Some USA States are now regulating the GPM. California, Washington, and Hawaii require a maximum of 1.8 GPM. They are an excellent option for those who are environmentally conscious because they save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, often without any sacrifice on the user’s part.

Some models also have upgrades like timers, pause functions, steam control, aeration, and temperature control.



rv showerhead

RV and camper showerheads are designed to accommodate the needs of a camper or recreational vehicle shower. They are usually designed for low-pressure water systems and most can conserve as much as 70% more than a typical or standard showerhead.

Camper showerheads typically come with limited features, but some offer features like massage and spray. You can use any standard showerhead for a camper or RV, but one that is designated for that type of function is made from materials that rust less and control the needs of a camper and RV water limitations.



navy showers

A navy shower head, military shower, or combat shower head is a shower head that is designed for extreme water conservation. They provide a pause in the middle of the shower to cut back on water for when you are lathering and then turn back on to rinse. The main advantages of a navy shower head are water savings and eco-friendly options.



Lighted showerhead

Lighted showerheads are a luxury feature that combines different lights and LED color changes in your shower. The color is usually based on the water temperature you choose, and there are no batteries required. The lights work by using the water pressure that powers the LED lights.

The various lights are meant to enhance your shower experience by providing mood enhancement. They also have energy-saving models and come with easy installation instructions.



Smart shower

Smart showerheads come with various features like water pressure control and temperature control. They are designed to provide a custom showering experience and combine the modern conveniences of life while in the shower, such as talking on the phone and using voice control to change features.

Many use voice activation so you can simply say what you want the shower to do, and it will accommodate. They can be pre-programmed according to how you like your shower from beginning to end.

They also have other features, like how long you want your shower to be, the ability to pause and start again, and the ability to set a temperature control throughout the shower.


Additional Features to Consider When Buying a New Showerhead

The enjoyment (or lack thereof) of a shower isn’t just about the shower head types and styles that you choose. There are different finishes, luxury features, mount types, and other factors to consider.

In the end, the possibilities are somewhat endless, depending on your desired complexity and your budget.


Mount Type

There are various places you can mount your showerhead, and some of those are based on the type of plumbing outlets you have and where they are located. If your outlets are high, then a rainfall shower or straight shower might be best.

If the outlets are low, then choosing a gooseneck shower arm will help you cover all areas better. The best way to determine which kind works best for you is to work with existing constraints like angles and gravity. There are three different types to choose from.


Wall Mount

A wall-mounted shower head attaches directly to the wall of the shower. It can be fixed, or it can pivot. It can also come with a handheld feature so that you can take it off of the dock and get to various spots for a targeted stream or to clean the shower itself.


Ceiling Mount

A fixed ceiling-mounted showerhead attaches directly to the ceiling and is usually a rain-style shower head. A ceiling mount is best when you want to enhance the shower by using gravity.


Bar Mount

A bar mount shower head is attached to a bar instead of the wall of the shower. The installation is easy, and it allows the shower head to move around so that you get a better spray pattern where you want it. Bar mounts can be combined with a handheld, along with a sliding bar when you want the nozzle to move up and down. They also do not require additional plumbing to install.



Choosing the right shower head finish requires considering aesthetics and other features within the bath itself. The most popular types of finishes are brushed nickel, chrome, matte gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black.

Chrome, nickel, and matte black tend to be more modern. Natural metals are going to be less likely to corrode and stain, whereas other types of finishes might tarnish and rust more easily.

The durability of the finish you choose is often related to the price. The more expensive finishes tend to last longer, but they are an additional upfront cost. The finish should match the bathroom fixtures to keep things consistent and uniform.


Luxury Features

For those who are looking for more than just a shower and more of a modern spa-like experience, adding features that enhance the mood is an excellent way to enjoy a getaway from the everyday.

Things like built-in speakers, aromatherapy, LED lights, and various digital controls help to give you a custom feel and can accommodate your style preference.

The key is to set a budget and then consider whether a feature needs additional plumbing requirements, which can be costly, and what can fit easily into your current system. If you prioritize what you really want, there are endless options to upgrade that won’t hurt your pocketbook if you choose wisely.


Choosing the Best Showerheads

taking shower using the best showerhead

Many people give very little thought to the type of shower heads that they choose for their bathrooms. Most people take at least one to two showers a day, which means they are a routine part of the day.

It costs very little to get a modern spa-like luxury shower experience in your shower at home. Technology has advanced greatly over the past several years, and there are endless upgrades and options of fixed showerheads and other features to make your shower experience a wonderful one, every day, every time. Check out our best showerheads at AquaBliss today!

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