Drinking Water Myths: What You Should Know About Hydration

Water splashing out of a cup

Most of us understand the importance of staying hydrated in our day-to-day lives. However, what we may not be aware of is that there are a lot of myths about water circulating in today’s world that can impact our current water drinking habits.

Are you interested in learning more about various beliefs that shape the way you drink water? If so, let's dive into a few drinking water myths, commonly held misconceptions about water consumption, you may have heard of and what the truth about them really is.

8 glasses of water myth

Myth #1. You Should Be Drinking Eight Cups of Water Per Day

Drinking eight cups of water per day is one of the top hydration myths you may encounter often when you’re looking to learn more about staying hydrated. The reality?

While eight cups may be a good starting point for some adults, the optimal daily water intake will vary from person to person. A good way to get past myths about drinking water like this and get the right information is to consult your primary care physician.

drinking water

Myth #2. Drinking a Lot of Water Will Improve the Quality of Your Skin

Many people drink more water solely to improve the quality and the look of their skin. But does it actually help? While it’s commonly believed that drinking water can improve your skin’s hydration, it’s more likely that drinking water has a minimal effect on your skin.

Staying hydrated is still a good thing to do for your overall health, but you shouldn’t expect your skin to glow or suddenly clear up because you’ve increased your water intake. Unfortunately, this is another one of the top drinking water myths that many may not know about.

drinking water flush toxins

Myth #3. Drinking More Water Can Help You Flush Out Toxins

Hydration myths can vary from somewhat true to wildly inaccurate. One of the drinking water myths that fall into the former category is the belief that drinking more water can help you filter out toxins more effectively.

It’s true that drinking water is crucial for optimal kidney health, for which these organs serve to filter out toxins and keep you healthy. However, drinking more water doesn’t make them work more effectively.

Rather, it may actually reduce their performance. If you drink too much water, you can even suffer from water toxicity and experience the opposite of what you’re looking to achieve!

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