Hard Water Dark Secrets Revealed

Hard Water Dark Secrets Revealed

Americans are starting to focus more on the purity of their products, food, and air.

It's no surprise that more and more people are starting to look into the shocking facts about hard water and how they can go about fixing the issues that hard water causes.

Here are some hard water facts and what you can do to purify your water.

dull hair

1. It Destroys Your Hair

Yes, hard water can destroy your precious locks. Have you been noticing that your hair is dull, straw-like, limp, and coated in a film lately? You can thank your hard water for that.

Switching to a water filter can help you avoid these issues altogether.

mess up plumbing

2. Messes Up Plumbing

This is an expensive fix that can be solved with the use of a good quality water filter.

Hard water can clog up plumbing as well as your shower head, causing you to have to replace them prematurely or make pricey phone calls to your local plumber.

Not only does it mess up your plumbing, but it can cause you to be scrubbing with expensive cleaning products. Hard water builds up with soap on your shower fixtures, causing you to have to work extra hard to get your bathroom looking clean.

dry and itchy skin

3. Negative Skin Impacts

Similar to hair, hard water has a very negative impact on skin. It leaves behind a filmy residue, causes your soap to clog your pores, create dry and itchy skin, and even cause your skin to age faster than it would with purified water.

Shower Filters for Hard Water

A shower filter can help to eliminate most, if not all, of the issues stated above. However, it is important to find a quality shower filter to do this. Basic filters generally only filter out chlorine, not addressing the remaining chemicals.

A quality water filter can eliminate 95% of water impurities found in hard water.

It's obvious that your skin, hair, fixtures, and plumbing will all benefit from water that has most of the impurities removed.

For this reason, make sure the shower filter you purchase is not your basic filter. Great filters remove 95% of impurities from hard water and help keep your hair and skin looking great while protecting your plumbing!

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