How to Clean Your Water Lines After Flooding

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Your home has just flooded, and you’re having a hard time getting over the loss of some of your most valuable furnishings and keepsakes. Fortunately, you and your family members still have your health — life’s most valuable asset. However, if you’re serious about keeping that asset intact moving forward, there’s something you should do before using water from your home’s faucet after the flood: clean your water lines.

Severe flooding can easily stem from rapid snow thaws, heavy thunderstorms, or spring rains. And unfortunately, this extensive flooding in your home can compromise the quality of your water. For instance, sediments that aren’t safe for cooking, drinking, or other home uses may end up in your pipes — especially if the water has become stagnant in the pipes following the flooding.

The good news is, you can take certain steps to make sure that your water is indeed safe following a home flood. Here’s a rundown on how to clean water lines in a house that’s been flooded.

How to Clean Water Lines in Your House: First Steps (Prepping for Flushing)

If you’re wondering what to do to your pipes after a flood in your house, you’ll first want to remove all showerheads, filters, screens, and aerators for replacement and/or cleaning. Don’t forget to include your basement’s laundry tub in this process if you have one.

Next, put your water softening device in bypass mode and close your water heater’s inlet valve. This will help protect these units when you flush your home’s water lines.

How to Clean Water Lines in Your House: Second Steps (Flushing)

Now what should you do to your pipes after a flood in your house? Next, you’ll need to turn on your cold water beginning at your home’s lowest level. Then, begin to run cold water at the home’s upper levels. Do this until every faucet in the house is running simultaneously.

Afterward, set your timer for half an hour, and watch out for any sudden flooding in your home. Keep in mind that your water might look a bit discolored during this flushing period. However, if you notice discoloration beyond the 30-minute period, get in touch with the company that supplies water to your home for more guidance.

How to Clean Water Lines in Your House: Third Steps (Finalizing Flushing Process)

The next steps for how to clean water lines in your house include turning off your faucets. Do this in the exact same order they were turned on — from your home’s bottom levels to its top levels.

Next, begin your water softener’s regeneration cycle if you had to bypass the unit before beginning the flushing process. Your equipment supplier’s manual should provide the steps for completing this properly, or you can contact the supplier directly for guidance.

Afterward, reopen your water heater’s supply valve, and consider flushing the water heater. Again, the owner’s manual for your water heater can help you through this process.

How to Clean Water Lines in Your House: Important Considerations

As you master how to clean water lines in a house after a flood, consider flushing your bathroom and kitchen taps separately for 10 minutes apiece after you’ve completed the above-listed steps. Then, reinstall all of the showerheads, filters, screens, and aerators you removed early on. Note that these should be brand-new parts or newly-cleaned parts.

If your fridge happens to dispense water, be sure to run the dispenser for a few minutes as well. Discard the water you collect during this period, and change your dispenser’s filter before using the dispenser moving forward. Likewise, let your ice maker’s container fill up completely, then discard the ice. Finally, clean out the container and replace the ice maker’s filters before normal use.

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