Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Living in the 21st century, there is an abundance of different types of water you can choose from. From bottle, to tap, to filtered, to sparkling… the list goes on.
Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Living in the 21st century, there is an abundance of different types of water you can choose from. From bottle, to tap, to filtered, to sparkling… the list goes on. So, how do we know which one to choose from? And why are we paying heaps of money to drink something that our body actively needs?

From ads that convince you to pay over the top prices for 'premium' water because it's “better for you”, to the word 'natural' swaying you into to buying bulks of bottled water, don't forget that your tap water is just as good, even if it might need a helping hand. The majority of US household taps are safe to drink, however, if you're one of those families that buy bottled water because you feel more comfortable doing so, then you could definitely reduce your plastic wastage and invest in a water filter.

Not only is it a one-time purchase, but it's also better for the environment and you actually know where your water is coming from. Some bottled water companies infuse their H20 with all sorts of homemade minerals and chemicals to achieve that great taste and some simply just bottle tap water.
Many families who are on their way to becoming more green are beginning to use water filters to avoid drinking directly from the tap, but is it necessary? Is your tap water safe to drink? Keep reading to find out and to learn more about the different types of water and which way is best to consume it.


Different types of water 

There are 3 main types that we ingest, but what is the best option? 


Depending on where you live, not all tap water is treated the same, if at all. Large cities are probably where the water is treated and tested the most. Simply to remove chemicals and bacteria that come with crowded cities, it is treated to make sure that it is drinkable and maintains a certain standard. These treatments usually add fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral. If you don't live in a city where you know that the water is regularly tested, it is probably more advisable to invest in a filter. Wells, for instance, don't undergo treatment to make sure that its contents are drinkable. With that being said, well water is usually fine to ingest, however, it is suggested that people with lower immune systems don't drink straight from a well. 


While people actively drink bottled water because they think it is safer than tap, studies have shown that this is not necessarily the case. With companies fooling their customers and simply bottling tapped water, to filtering it themselves, bottled water is actually detrimental to the environment. Not only does it cost more to produce and distribute than normal tap water, but it is also a major cause of plastic wastage. With households not recycling to spending more money on what is essentially overpriced tap water, it's time to ditch the plastic, go green, and find a better solution. 


Many more households these days are investing in their own water filtration systems. Maybe it's because they're fed up with the cost of bottled water, or simply want to do their bit for the environment - but whatever the reason, there are many varieties of filters out there that can give you pure, lovely tasting drinking water. When it comes to a filtration system, make sure you do your research into it first. You want to know your type of water and know what needs filtering out, so it's always a good idea to have a look around before buying the first one you set your eyes on. 

With this being said, when you find your go-to filtration system, you definitely won't look back.

Benefits of filtered water

There are many benefits to filtering your own water at home, and these are just a few. From purifying your tap water even more, to having a fancy looking contraption in your kitchen for all your guests to see, home filtering is becoming more popular than ever. Here's why:

It is cost-effective. 

Using your own filter to filter your tap water is so much cheaper than buying it bottled. A one-time buy, you will be saving your bank accounts so much more money in the long run, also with the knowledge that your drinking water has been filtered to the highest possible quality.
It is better for the environment. 

Imagine being able to save the environment while doing so at a lower price. Ideal, right? Not only is scrapping the plastic seriously eco-friendly, but many people have also found out that when they purchase bottled water, all they are really paying for is the plastic.

Filtered water improves your health.

The benefits of drinking filtered water are great for your health. The purity that you are putting into your body has been proven to naturally increase skin hydration and absorb nutrients, therefore contributing to a glowing complexion. It also improves weight loss, digestion, and even reduces the risk of cancers. Making the choice to put pure water in your body works wonders for your immune system, stimulates the brain, and improves mental health. What more could you ask for?

Benefits of a filter outside of drinking 

Many people also forget that the water we use, we don't just drink. We also need it to be healthy to shower with, cook with, and clean with to maintain healthy lives. Our bodies are also made up of 70% water, so we need it to be the good stuff, right?

Along with adding fluoride to filter your tap water, chemicals such as chlorine are also used. Chlorine-treated H20 doesn't always kill all the chemicals and bacteria needed to sustain healthy tap water, which is why we have started to filter it ourselves, just for complete peace of mind. 

Soap scum and other deposits on clothes are removed. 

If the water at home isn't the cleanest, the chemicals that are infused in it will leave marks and deposits on your clothes over time. Not only that, but they may also start to smell differently along with having the potential to induce allergies and rashes. You may also experience a build-up of soap scum on your dishes, clothes, and overall household appliances.

You can save on soap! 

Having a great filtration system means that your water can act as a natural softener. This means you can cut back on your soap spending, therefore reducing the risk of soap scum on your clothes and appliances.

The plumbing repair bills will be reduced. 

When your water is filtered properly, you are actually saving yourself money on future plumbing and repair bills. This is because the chemicals and heavy minerals in unfiltered water can cause all types of damage to your house's plumbing system. The damage doesn't just stop at your pipes, either. Other household appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators can also be affected, with a build-up of scum causing damages.

What to do if you don't like the taste of your tap water

So, you want to keep on drinking the water from your tap but you're not a fan of the taste. You've quit the bottles, but your tap just doesn't taste the same. Different water from different areas can taste different. You might live in an area where the water that comes out of your tap is hard, or you may live somewhere that produces soft water. You may have visited a friend or family member, preferred the taste of their tap water and want to know how you can adjust the taste of yours back home. Whatever your type of water, you can alter the taste with a filter. 

Using a filter will remove any bacteria hanging around and has the ability to give you the taste that those pesky bottles were serving you. Your filter will filter out unwanted smells, too. Naturally, you want your drinking water to be odor-free, so what better way to create a perfectly pure, filtered and sweet-smelling refreshment to quench your thirst? Basically, filters have the ability to give you the great, fresh-tasting water that every human deserves. We have to drink it to stay alive, so we might as well enjoy it!

So, it is safe to drink from your tap?

The answer (mostly) is yes. As previously mentioned, those who were buying bottled water because they thought it was better for them are now realizing that they were drinking water from a different tap somewhere else. There have been no major health benefits relating to bottled water — only filtered. So surely it makes sense for households to cut back on the plastic and filter their own? 

Filtering yourself only enhances the tap water you had in the first place. There are only benefits surrounding the filtration system and it can only improve your health. So, if you don't like the thought of buying bottled water, but you also don't like the thought of drinking straight from your tap, your best option is to invest in a filtration system. 

Systems like the AquaBliss Long Lasting Water Pitcher are great little filters. They look great in a kitchen and blend in well with other appliances. They filter out two-times more harmful chemicals, sediments and contaminants, and are sustainable and easy to use. 

Carry on using your tap - just use a filter to make sure it's 100% safe!

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