AquaBliss HD Multi-Stage Shower Filter Cartridge (SFC500)

$18.99 $29.95 -37% OFF

AquaBliss HD Multi-Stage Shower Filter Cartridge (SFC500)

$18.99 $29.95 -37% OFF
  • #1 Best Value - Extended Protection for 6 Months
  • Blocks Harmful Impurities. Chlorine. Dirt
  • Certified AquaBliss Shower Filter Replacement
  • Scientifically Formulated - Promotes Radiant Skin. Hair & Nails
  • Soothes Dry Itchy Skin. Dandruff & Eczema

Toxic Water Ruining Your Hair, Skin & Nails?


If you’ve read the studies you know your skin is your largest organ, and you know how easily it absorbs harmful chemicals, metals and sediments found in water. The SFC500 heavy duty shower filter replacement cartridge reduces the risk by blocking impurities from ever reaching the water cascading over your skin, for a pure, fresh, rejuvenating shower experience – without the yuck. 


A simple water test proves most water in the US is anything but clean. That’s why we continually reinvent and perfect our heavy duty shower filter replacement. For continued protection against harmful chemicals, chlorine, scale, dirt and bad odors replace every 6 months.


Suffering from itchy skin, dandruff, eczema, drab hair and cracking nails? AquaBliss heavy duty showerhead filter replacement cartridge promotes restored PH BALANCE, so you experience silky, soft, glowing skin and hair, plus nails that simply can’t be beaten!


Extend the life of your filter even longer now with the customer feedback redesigned no-leak upgrade seals, increased capacity for more improved filter media. Simply remove the filter, wipe away any build-up, and reinstall for continued results. 


If you can open a door, you can easily install this heavy duty chlorine removal filter replacement with ease – simply unscrew your heavy duty filter, open the casing, pop the old filter out and place the new filter in – it’s so simple there’s no tools required. 


If you’re worried about currently existing (or continually building) toxins in your water, then click add to cart now. You’ll love this how soft and deliciously smell free this multi-stage shower filter replacement leaves your skin, guaranteed.

Item model number AB-SFC500
Shipping Dimensions (Inches) 3.22 (H) x 2.67 (W) x 2.67 (D)
Shipping Weight 0.48 lbs
Product Dimensions (Inches) 2.9 (H) x 2.5 (W) x 2.5 (D)
Product Weight 0.41 lbs
Filtration Media Active Carbon, Redox Media, Calcium Sulfite
Cartridges Included 1
Compatible Filters SF500 (recommended)

What is the difference between SFC500, SFC400, SFC220 & SFC100 cartridges?

The latest range of products (SFC400 & SFC500) were developed based on all of the feedback we received on our existing shower filters. It uses a proprietary filtration system which we developed to make the shower filter more flexible for varying types of water. The filtration capability of the shower filter has also been greatly improved to better combat harmful contaminants in water. This cartridge is compatible with AquaBliss SF500 & SF400 shower filters only.

How long does it last?

We recommend changing the cartridge at least every six months. If your water contains high levels of Chlorine and other impurities, you may need to change this more frequently.

Can this filter cartridge remove Chloramine?

No - While it is extremely effective at reducing Chlorine, it cannot remove Chloramine. If water has high levels of chloramine we would recommend using a whole-house filter, to improve the quality of your water.

Which shower filters is this compatible with?

It is compatible with AquaBliss SF400 & SF500 shower filters only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Debi Dalio
Nice filters

I like how these filters clean up my water so that I don't get itchy skin and there is a lot less soap scum that builds up in my shower. Note, however, that the filter housing, once it has been opened to replace the filter, requires plumbers tape around the center seam to keep it from leaking once it is closed again. The replacement instructions do not mention this. I think it would be nice if the filter housing were a bit higher quality.

Filter is just ok, housing is absolute junk

I have had to order a new filter with the housing about 3 times between Amazon and the website. I do everything I am supposed to do and the housing still goes after a few months. Now I am stuck with a fairly new filter and box of sediment pads I can’t use because the housing has cracked yet again, spraying water all over my bathroom ceiling and light fixture. For the amount of times I fully replaced the so called heavy duty version, I could have just purchased a better quality one- that’s what you get for brand loyalty. If you are looking to replace the filter i would suggest just buying it with the housing to prevent a mess in your bathroom. I am moving on now to something that is of better quality and more sustainable. The filters are ok but based on other reviews with testing and proof, I’m not sure it does the job it claims. Maybe this works for you, I am sure they will say that it has to do with my pressure or installation meanwhile this just happens out of nowhere every time and in the moments leading up to it, it works as advertised. Maybe they should increase the quality of the material they use on the housing, it’s basically painted plastic. I do not want to be contacted regarding my honest review either, thank you.

Meredith Palumbo
It’s ok but different

I’m not sure what happened but this one leaks and I’ve replaced the washers. I’ve tried multiple time to take it off and reattach but it keeps leaking

Rhonda Bowen
Relief from hard water dry skin

These filters provide much needed relief to my skin from the affects of the hard water that constitutes my local municipal water supplier and the cold, dry Northeast winters. So glad to have them installed!

Carolyn Baier
What a difference!

I moved to a different city 3 weeks ago. I didn't realize the water in the area was so hard (even though the white scale build up on the shower heads should have been my first clue). I shampoo my hair everyday so after 2 weeks, my hair was a dry, brittle, tangled mess. I installed the Rejuvia SFC500 filter on my shower head and noticed a HUGE difference in the condition of my hair after using it only one time! THANK YOU!

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