AquaBliss HD Revitalizing Shower Filter Cartridge (SFC400)

$18.99 $29.95 -37% OFF

AquaBliss HD Revitalizing Shower Filter Cartridge (SFC400)

$18.99 $29.95 -37% OFF
  • Infuses Vitamin C & Healthy Minerals into your water
  • Maxflow Technology Doesn't Reduce Water Flow
  • #1 Beauty Shower Filter w/ Double Vitamin C & minerals
  • Removable Sediment Pads Can Handle Even The Toughest Conditions
  • Filter More & Improve Your Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Compatible with HD shower filters (SF400 & SF500)

Make Every Shower Count... x2!

Aquabliss HD Revitalizing Shower Filter contains 40% More Active-Medium & Double the Vitamins & Minerals. No Fluff, Fillers, or Beauty-Depleters.

Beat the Sediment Clogging
City water? Well water? Low pressure problems? The culprit's likely sediment, fine grainy particles that build up in your shower head, wavering between clogging it up and cascading down onto your skin, hair and shower floor. So we included 2 easily changeable pads, that capture the silty sediment without clogging up your shower's flow.

Compliment Your Beauty With Every Shower

  • Supports soothed, glowing, itch-free skin
  • Aids nails to grow longer by supporting hardness & strength
  • Promotes thicker, stronger, longer, frizz-free hair free from damage and breakage

Water Feels Softer
Relying on salt-based water softeners and wondering why your hair, nails, and skin still feel...damaged? While water softeners only remove calcium and magnesium, leaving the bad guys behind, the medium used in our HD Revitalization filter aids reduction in the yuck that diminishes your beauty, plus supports replenished skin, hair, and nails.

Have You Seen the News?
Better yet, have you tested your water? Pollution is everywhere, and the pollution in the air easily seeps into your groundwater system, and that's all before treatment plants add skin-damaging chemicals that treat your water (to make it safe for consumption).

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Zoe Chaipis

My skin and hair is ten times better..Love it!


Got the wrong one BUT! AquaBliss sent me a FREE replacement 🥰💯👍


Love it. Stock up on it.


Installation was very easy. My fiancé and I had developed red, itchy, dry, skin and scalp. I saw and felt a difference in my skin and hair after the first time I used it. I used less shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion with better results now and I’m spending less money on my high end salon products (since I’m not using as much). I also installed a handheld shower nozzle to be able to wash my make up off my face at night and I have used less of my expensive serums, moisturizers, and masks leaving my face looking better than ever. Our skin and hair continues to improve and we have had it for a month now. The only con we didn’t anticipate is that it lowered the shower head about 4 inches. I’ll never go back to using city water on my skin, face, and hair without this filter.

Emmanuel Vazquez
Great product!!

I recommend this filter for everyone it's easy to install and water feels great.

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