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Handheld Showers

Hand-held shower heads are a step above standard fixed/overhead shower setups, offering several incredible benefits for the entire household.

Firstly, the ability to take control and maneuver the shower allows the user to manually bring the water flow towards hard-to-reach areas. Users do not have to wait for the water to flow down and rinse their bodies, minimizing the amount of water wasted. This makes rinsing soap and shampoo suds faster and more effective compared to when using a regular fixed shower head.

This element of control also makes the hand-held shower an invaluable tool for personal grooming, as it makes activities such as leg shaving a total breeze. Perfect for washing kids and pets, hand-held showers provide a gentle, quiet and non-intimidating shower environment that makes bath time easy and enjoyable. The flexibility allows for the elderly or those with limited mobility to bathe comfortably in any position, such as while being seated on a shower bench. Also, a flexible water source always comes in handy when cleaning up all the soap and shampoo scum off the shower area. You can make use of the hand-held shower to rinse the wall tiles, wiping them squeaky-clean afterwards.

Our hand-held shower heads are equipped with various spray settings designed to provide a spa-like experience to your daily showers. After a workout or a long, tiring day, make use of the therapeutic pulsating massage settings for soothing your sore and aching muscles. Enjoy powerful rain and waterfall settings as the spray envelops your whole body for a refreshing, rejuvenating shower—anytime you wish. Keep the shower head mounted and step right under the invigorating torrent of water, for some hands-free showering to wash your worries and pains down the drain.

Be assured that we create all of our products with only the highest-quality materials, with rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. With AquaBliss hand-held shower heads, you and your family will be enjoying many blissful, problem-free showers in the years to come.


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