Logo lockups and protective field. In addition to the color version, the logo can be black or white as well.

Color Palette

Vivid, bold and bright palette creates an impactful and memorable brand identity. Saturated shades of water, accompanied by complementary orange colors have a confident, clean, balanced and smart look. Here is an approximate color ratio in design. For the body text on the white background (website, for example) should be used dark gray or black color (K100%). White color can be used on dark backgrounds.
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_1
R35 G108 B180
C85 M53 Y0 K0
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_2
R255 G191 B60
C0 M30 Y81 K0
Pantone 136C
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_3
R107 G196 B232
C57 M3 Y4 K0
Pantone 297C
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_4
R255 G108 B14
C0 M68 Y91 K0
Pantone 1585C
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_5
R46 G43 B119
C100 M98 Y14 K3
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_6
R111 G114 B113
C54 M42 Y43 K27
Pantone 424C
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_7
R208 G207 B205
C22 M16 Y18 K1
Pantone 2C
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines Pattern #217973f0-d592-4961-9616-344667176fad_8
R230 G230 B230
C12 M8 Y9 K0


Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface family. Initially designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, it was expanded into a 9 weight family by Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida in 2012 and iKerned by Igino Marini.
Aquabliss BrandGuideLines #c90ef4b4-516d-4668-af5a-b030f18862e4


Unlike most competitors, AquaBliss does not use photorealistic images of water splashes. Wavy dotted abstract pattern is associated with stylized water flow and technologies. Can be any color from the colors of the brand, including white.


Aquabliss BrandGuideLines #bb62dc38-21bd-405f-abac-3c5f4f0f9546


Aquabliss BrandGuideLines #528b71f8-32e5-4abf-8e89-4edce6391f59

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