10 Countries with Cleanest Water in the World

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Clean drinking water is essential for our survival, yet in most parts of the world, it’s a luxury that many can’t afford.

As our bodies of water continue to get polluted, it’s only countries with strict regulations, public cooperation, and the right set of natural resources that can still enjoy the cleanest water in the world, making them among the top countries with clean water.

Keep reading to find out the 10 countries with the best tap water in the world!


Switzerland water source

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is blessed with rich reserves of glacial water, but it’s the active efforts of the Swiss government and their strict policies that can be credited with keeping it clean. 80% of Switzerland’s tap water comes directly from the ground, whereas 20% is sourced from lakes.

Groundwater protection zones along with the Water Protection Act ensure that Switzerland, known as the country with the cleanest water in the world, ensures its population receives the cleanest water in the world.

Even though they have developed advanced water purification methods, half of Switzerland’s drinking water doesn’t require any treatment, which in itself is a testament to the safety and hygiene of Swiss water.

Lake Ruovesi

2. Finland

Finland, known as the country with cleanest tap water, boasts 168,000 lakes and 647 rivers, out of which a staggering 85% have been deemed to have high-quality water.

The responsibility for the protection of these water reservoirs is shared jointly by the Finnish Government with private and municipal organizations.

Interestingly, Finland didn’t always have the cleanest tap water in the world. At one point, it was so dirty that the people began calling it “ugly water”. But since then, Finland has turned things around.

The country is now known to have some of the best tap water in the world. In fact, their water is even better than bottled water!


Denmark filter station

3. Denmark

Denmark, known as the country with the best water in the world, gets almost 100% of its water from rich groundwater reserves.

Though the country is now known to have some of the cleanest water in the world, it has only been possible due to strict quality management and preventive methods to keep the soil free from pollutants.

Back when chemical solvents weren’t as strictly regulated by the government, it led to toxic industrial waste being released, which seeped into the ground in many areas.

But since the establishment of the Ministry of Environment in 1971, the government has put into place innovative technologies to keep providing their citizens access to the cleanest water in the world.


Blautopf in Blaubeuren

4. Germany

The German government, known for its commitment to providing the country with the cleanest tap water, is ironclad when it comes to the cleanliness of its drinking water. Most of the water is sourced from groundwater and springs, which are analyzed for quality before supplying.

The government prohibits the use of chemicals during the purification process in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance, so Germany’s drinking water tastes like mineral water and is considered to be some of the best tap water in the world.



5. Norway

Almost all Norwegians enjoy the best water in the world—clean, safe, and affordable drinking water from over 1,500 waterworks thanks to the government’s continued efforts to safeguard its natural resources.

Most of the water is sourced from its 455,000 lakes and rivers, which are heavily monitored for quality and sanitation, making it some of the cleanest water in the world.

But the government cautions against drinking water from untreated areas as they may contain low levels of chemicals and pathogens.


6. Sweden

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, was awarded a Certificate of Quality from ISO in 2017 for having ‘high and consistent quality’.

The water quality in the rest of this nordic country is just as pure and is considered to be the best tap water in the world. Almost half of Sweden’s drinking water is sourced from lakes, while the other half comes from groundwater reserves.

The lake water undergoes a dual decontamination and filtration process to ensure the consequent tap water is some of the cleanest water in the world and is better than bottled water.


7. Greenland

Greenland is known for its pristine glaciers that span thousands of miles, but only a small portion of Greenland’s water comes from these glaciers. Most of the water is drawn from surface lakes and rivers where they undergo minimal processing.

The government strictly regulates wastewater disposal in the sea and activities near freshwater lakes to prevent pollution of these prehistoric bodies of water. It's no wonder that Greenland has some of the cleanest water in the world.


8. Austria

Austria is regarded to be one of those few countries with the cleanest tap water in the world.

The Austrian government is stringent about regulating the quality of their drinking water with advanced measures in place to protect the natural springs and groundwater resources.

The ÖNORM B 5014 law stipulates which materials can be used by manufacturers for building hygienic water pipelines to ensure every citizen receives only the best tap water in the world.

With most of its water being supplied in its natural state, Austria undoubtedly has some of the cleanest water in the world.


9. Iceland

Besides the stunning landscapes, there’s a lot that Iceland has to boast about. Most of their freshwater lakes, rivers, and springs are so clean that one can drink from them directly.

The water is naturally free of elements such as chlorine, calcium, and nitrate.

A large portion of the country’s water comes from deep underground aquifers and doesn’t require any filtration or treatment before it is supplied.

The Icelandic government monitors the water and runs routine tests to ensure it’s free of harmful chemicals and microorganisms so it can remain some of the cleanest water in the world.


10. Netherlands

Netherlands has one of the most robust water supply systems and sophisticated approaches to water purification in the world. Groundwater and surface water make up the majority of the country’s supply chain and are rigorously protected from contamination.

The Dutch government pays great attention to the maintenance of its pipelines and uses advanced multi-level purification methods. Unlike most other countries, the water in the Netherlands is not treated with chlorine, so it tastes good.

If ever the need arises, a tasteless compound of chlorine called mono-chloramine is used instead.

Embrace Cleaner Water and Better Health

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