How to Drink More Water When You Don’t Like It: 10 Helpful Tips

woman in black tank top drinking glass of water

Why is it so hard to drink water? It’s an important question. We all need to drink more water—8 glasses a day, or so the old adage goes.

That’s 64 ounces of water, or roughly the equivalent of a two-liter bottle…okay, so technically the “eight glasses a day” thing is one of the top drinking water myths, but regardless, we still need to drink a lot of water to stay healthy.

So how are we supposed to drink enough water on a consistent basis—especially if we’re not overly enthusiastic about drinking water in the first place? If you need a bit of motivation to keep your electrolytes replenished and remain hydrated, here are just a few tips for how to drink more water when you’re not feeling it.

And for those who say 'i hate drinking water,' these tips might make it a bit easier.


eating fruits to keep hydrated

1. Eat Foods With a High Water Content

This is one of the most obvious solutions for how to make yourself drink more water, but it’s an important one. Your water doesn’t have to come from a faucet or a glass.

There are some excellent water sources that aren’t “water” at all—at least in the traditional source. For instance, you could consume more water-rich fruits like watermelon, plums, peaches, and pineapples.

Soups also have a high water content, as do smoothies and sugar-free popsicles. Get creative with your water intake and it won’t seem quite so boring.

2. Add Some Flavor to Your H20

If you want to know how to drink more water without it feeling like a chore, try dressing up the liquid a bit. If you head to your local grocery store juice aisle, you’ll find a range of powder- and liquid-based water enhancers that you can mix into a serving of water on the go.

Many of these enhancers are zero-calorie and infused with healthy additives like vitamin C. If you’re going to rely on these enhancers regularly, make sure to choose varieties that are tasty but also healthy. Avoid the sugar-heavy mix-ins.

spa water

3. Try Making Spa Water

If you like the taste of water but you’re just bored with the flavor (or lack thereof), try sprucing up your pitcher by making spa water. All you have to do is add some cucumber, lemon, strawberries, or other fruits and veggies to your water and let it soak up the flavors.

You can mix in different produce each day for a fresh flavor profile. Pinterest is an excellent source for spa water recipes that are delicious and satisfying. If you want to know how to make yourself drink more water, this is one of the easiest ways.

4. Use a Water Bottle With Time or Volume Markers

Here’s a simple method for how to drink more water if you’re passionate about self-improvement.

Check the internet or your local big box store, and you’ll find a variety of water bottles that are labeled with motivational markers to keep you on task throughout the day.

For instance, you can find bottles that contain a marker for every 8 ounces, or you can shop for bottles that contain an affirmation with each marker (like, “You’ve got this!”).

Fill your bottle at the beginning of each day, and watch as you reach each marker on the way to the bottom. Water-tracking smartphone apps are also available to help you keep track of your daily water consumption.

water with tea

5. Add Tea to the Mix

If you love tea, consider adding that to the mix as well. It won’t dehydrate you or adversely affect your health like soda (assuming you’re not loading it up with sugar), but it can help you break up the monotony of straight H2O.

Keep in mind that caffeine is a mild diuretic, so if you’re drinking a lot of tea, you’ll want to switch to decaf after the first couple of cups. 

6. Use a Sparkling Water Infuser

Why is it so hard to drink water? Because water just has no flavor or volume—unless we’re talking about sparkling water. Sparkling water infusers have become extremely popular.

Just fill a bottle with tap water, place it beneath the infuser, and let the machine transform your still water into sparkling water thanks to the power of CO2. If you enjoy sparkling water or mineral water, this is another great way to add dimension to your daily water routine. 

minimize drinking coffee

7. Keep Diuretics to a Minimum

Knowing how to drink more water is just part of the battle. You also have to know how to stay hydrated in general. A diuretic is any substance that increases urine production and thereby dehydrates you, so you want to keep diuretic consumption to a minimum.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic, and alcohol is a major diuretic. So keep caffeinated coffees, sodas, and adult beverages to a minimum as you strive to hit your water goal.

8. Foster Good Drinking Habits

How do you drink more water when you’re just not that thirsty? Part of the reason why we don’t drink enough water is that we’re constantly drinking other beverages that aren’t so good for us.

We’ve already covered things like alcohol and soda, but even sugary fruit juices and lattes can be bad news when they’re not enjoyed in moderation. So keep water at the forefront of your daily drinking routine, and keep the less healthy beverages as occasional treats. 

shower water

9. Improve Your Shower Water

This suggestion for how to make yourself drink more water may sound a bit out of left field, but the hard water in your shower can literally leave a bad taste in your mouth.

If water seems unappetizing in general, the problem might be that you’re constantly immersing yourself in water that’s loaded with unhealthy chemicals and contaminants (i.e. hard water).

Install a shower water filter to improve your tap water quality, and rekindle your love with high-quality H20. For more information, refer to our guide to what’s in your tap water.

10. Set Daily Goals

Here’s our final tip for how to make yourself drink more water, and it’s an easy one: Don’t keep water consumption in the back of your mind.

Set actionable daily goals, and do whatever you need to do to stay on target with those goals—digital reminders, personal rewards, whatever it takes. By putting a purpose behind it, you’ll be that much closer to actually reaching your daily consumption goals.

AquaBliss - Your Water Enthusiasts

Why is it so hard to drink water? The truth is, it’s really not. Now that you know how to drink more water, make an effort to stay hydrated each day—and discover the difference it can make in your life.

Here at AquaBliss, we are enthusiastic and obsessed with all things water. Learn more about water shower filters, and fascinating water topics on our blog, today.

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