How the Top Types of Water Filters Work

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Water gives you life — literally — but not all water is the same. Unfiltered water may contain harmful chemicals and impurities, whereas filtered water offers protection from such contaminants.

This means that filtered water is an effective, convenient, and quick solution for naturally reducing flaky and dry skin. At the same time, it supports healthy nails, skin, and hair — and all while tasting good.

But did you know that not all filtered water is the same, either?

The reality is, multiple kinds of water filtration systems exist, with each adding value to your home’s water in its own way. What’s great about the various water filters available today is that they are all sustainable, which means they’ll benefit your wallet — along with your body — long term.

Here’s a rundown on the top types of water filters and how they work.

Multi-Stage Types of Water Filters

Multi-stage water filters, including standard multi-stage filters and high-definition multi-stage versions, are made to decrease the prominence of harmful contaminants in your tap water.

These types of water filtration systems are known as pure filtration systems, which means they don’t depend on additives to perform proper water filtration. 

Why Multi-Stage Filters?

These filters are made to restore soft-feeling and clean water to both your drinking water and shower water. Specifically, the water filtration media in these filters help to reduce the presence of scale, dirt, and chlorine, which are linked to itchy and dry skin, pustules, ill health, acne, and eczema.

As a result, it helps you feel healthier from the inside out. This means you can enjoy stronger, glowing skin, nails, and hair long term.

These types of filters also remove putrid smells by utilizing a first-rate odor-eliminating element. That means no more bathing in stringent, smelly water. You can finally enjoy the feeling and smell of a luxurious shower.

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What Are in These Filters, and How Do These Types of Water Filters Work?

Multi-stage filters feature a quality blend of activated carbon, redox water filtration media, and calcium sulfite. Water pressure and gravity work with the water filtration media and other ingredients to pull out all bad minerals, chemicals, and harmful toxins from your water so that they never touch your skin.

What’s great about well-designed multi-stage filters is that their cartridges are quick and easy to remove. You shouldn’t have to disassemble your entire filter or totally replace your shower head to enjoy the benefits of filtered water.

Well-built filters are also eco-friendly, protecting the health of both you and the environment. 

Look for multi-stage filters with universal compatibility. These filters are sure to fit your current shower setup, whether you have a fixed shower, hand-held unit, or rain shower.


Revitalizing Types of Water Filters

Like multi-stage filters, revitalizing water filters are designed to reduce harmful contaminants in your tap water. However, they take things a step further by also adding beneficial vitamins and minerals to your water.

This helps to repair the damage that your unfiltered water has caused. 

Why Revitalizing Filters?

These filters stand out for their ability to purify your water as well as enhance your healthy appearance and natural beauty. These types of water filters also neutralize odors, so you can enjoy fresher smelling water.

The filters make your water feel naturally soft as well.

What Are in These Filters?

One-fourth of a revitalizing filter consists of rejuvenating ingredients, whereas three-fourths of it is water filtration media

These types of water filters integrate minerals and other valuable components, such as tourmaline, far infrared, and vitamin C. Tourmaline releases hair-transforming revitalizing minerals.

Meanwhile, far infrared technology activates the body’s cells and enhances your mental fitness. Far infrared is also known to slow down aging and enhance your immune system — two more reasons to embrace this technology in your water. Vitamin C gives you more youthful-looking and radiant skin as well.

A revitalizing filter also infuses your tap water with the oxygen that your body needs to repair itself. This is done through mineralized beads, zeolite beads, and magnetic energy beads.

These beads release energizing minerals that boost the oxygen content in the water. As a result, you can enjoy showers that nourish your body on a whole new level.

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How Do These Types of Water Filters Work?

Revitalizing filters contain multiple essential components that work together to get you the clean, clear, and soft water you’ve always wanted. For instance, a revitalizing filter’s redox water filtration media reduces the chlorine present in your water, even in your hot water.

The filter also features activated carbon, which reduces chlorine and other types of contaminants, such as trihalomethanes, which are byproducts of water treatment procedures. Chlorine in both cold and hot water is furthermore removed from your tap water through the calcium sulfite placed in the filter.

Revitalizing filters also feature mesh made of stainless steel. This mesh prevents medium-sized pieces of sediment from entering the filter, prolonging your filter’s life. Well-designed filters also contain micro-porous polypropylene cotton, which captures tiny sediments and dust. 


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