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Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
  • Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter
Shower Filter | SF100 High Output 8-Stage Shower Water Filter - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The AquaBliss SF100 removes toxic chemicals and impurities from your shower water, in any temperature.

The SF100 protects your family against chlorine’s devastating effects to the skin, hair and body, while removing other toxic substances. Chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides are sitting ducks to the SF100’s Multi-Stage Filtration System, which works in any water temperature. The SF100 also inhibits the growth of scale, lime, mold and fungi on your shower head—water so pure you can feel the difference. It also removes rust and odor, so you can say goodbye to that unpleasant chlorine smell.

The SF100 is designed for easy, no-tools installation, with universal connections that easily and securely fit your standard fixed shower, hand-held shower or shower combo. The filter cartridge lasts up to six months (or after 10,000 gallons of water use) before it needs changing, for best performance.

Features: -

Purifies your water - Removes Chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and inhibits the growth of algae, fungi, mold and helps to balance the PH levels in your water.

Revitalizes your body - Reduces dry skin, dandruff, eczema, and dramatically improves the condition of your skin, hair and nails.

Multi-Stage filtration - Unique blend of KDF 55, Calcium Sulfite and Active Carbon, to ensure maximum filtration in both hot and cold water.

Installs in minutes - Universal connections work with all shower types, including fixed, rain and handheld showers. No tools required.

Replaceable filters - Contains easy-to-replace removable filter cartridge purifies up to 10,000 gallons of water before it needs changing.

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  • What is so special about the SF220\'s 3-Stage Filtration system?

    SF220 Shower Filter cartridges contain a unique blend of KDF-55, Active Carbon and Calcium Sulfite. KDF-55 is one of the best purification media available today, as it is highly effective in purifying water at higher temperatures. Active Carbon reduces the amount of chlorine and other contaminants at lower water temperatures. Lastly, Calcium Sulfite covers all the bases as it works very well in purifying water in both hot and cold temperatures. Together, they form a powerful wall to trap the impurities in your shower water.

  • Why do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

    Since the shower filter contains a mixture of active ingredients, there will come a time when they have exerted their full strength and need to be replaced. The impurities trapped within the shower filter may also lead to a decrease in water flow.

    Our shower filters are guaranteed to last 6-8 months, or after 10,000 – 12,000 gallons of water use before they are ready to be replaced.

  • How easy is it to replace the shower filter cartridge?

    Very easy. It is a matter of unscrewing and opening up the housing, replacing the filter cartridge within, and reattaching the shower filter to the shower arm.

  • Why is there black water coming out of the filter?

    Initially, the shower filter may have black water caused by carbon dust inside the filter cartridge. Run water through the filter for 20-30 seconds, to remove any carbon dust. 

  • Can I use the filter for anything other than my shower?

    The shower filter will fit any standard 1/2” inch threaded connection. It is designed to withstand pressure coming out of the shower, but has not been verified to work on other outlets, so we don’t advise using it elsewhere.

  • Will it decrease my water pressure?

    No. But there is the possibility of decreased water pressure around the time the filter needs to be replaced. The impurities trapped inside the filter cartridge could slightly obstruct the flow of water, signalling that a new cartridge is called for.

  • Is a shower filter really necessary?

    It is a mistake to think that just because we do not drink the shower water, we are not vulnerable to its chemical content. These harmful chemicals enter our bodies through a myriad of ways, such as via skin absorption, or inhalation. We may feel relatively safe in showering with unfiltered water, but in most cases we are merely desensitized to its harshness.

    If your municipal water contains high levels of chlorine, it would be best to install a shower filter in your bathroom right away. Otherwise, you may be able to shower relatively safely without a filter for some time. Keep in mind, however, that even mildly chlorinated water contains harmful chemicals that contribute to a buildup of toxins in the body. Our bodies’ detox mechanisms could only take so much.

  • What if my Shower Filter leaks?

    If water is escaping from the center of the filter (where the two halves of the housing connect), unscrew the shower filter housing and inspect the large o-ring washer between the two halves. It may be misaligned or coated in debris.

    We also recommend that the o-rings are kept lubricated each time you replace your filter cartridge. Using a q-tip, coat the o-rings with a small amount of petroleum-based lubricant, to prolong their sealing power.

    Leakage from the shower arm may be due to an over-tightened connection, which can cause water to escape through the connection threads. Remove the shower filter and ensure that the washer is present, and is seated straight and flat within the connection nut. Re-attach the shower filter on to the shower arm and gently hand-tighten it back on to the shower arm.

  • I tested the water TDS today and got a disappointing result. It's same as my tap water. If this supposed to purify the water, shouldn't it decrease the number even slightly?

    TDS meters measure the conductivity of the water, which can help identify salts or other impurities which have positive charges. However, common disinfection by-products in water, such as chlorine, iron, chloramine etc, do not impact the conductivity of the water. So they would not be picked up by a TDS meter. So for measuring general water quality, a TDS meter is not very helpful. Instead, it would be better to use more specialized tests to test for specific chemicals or metals, such as a chlorine colorimeter.

  • Does it remove chloramine?

    The shower filter, while very effective at removing chlorine and other harmful substances, cannot remove chloramine.