Does a Hard Water Shower Head Actually Work? Reasons Why You Need a Shower Filter

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If you don’t have a hard water shower head installed, dealing with hard water in shower can be quite a nuisance.

We realize that there’s a lot of debate and confusion around hard water in the shower, so we’re here to answer the main questions: What is a hard water shower head? Do shower filters work for hard water?

And if so, how would you even choose the best hard water shower filter? Let’s break it down.

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Why Do You Need a Hard Water Shower Head?

A hard water shower head is just a filter that’s placed onto your shower. Its purpose is to filter the water as it passes through, purifying the hard water that’s so common in our water supplies.

Unfiltered tap water—like the kind in showers—is filled with chlorine, magnesium, and calcium, as well as pesticides and hundreds of other chemicals.

Some of these chemicals are safe and even beneficial, but others can wreak havoc on your hair, nails, and complexion. That’s why we recommend installing a hard water shower head.

First, consider the effects of hard water on hair. The minerals in hard water can build up inside the hair follicles and irritate the scalp. The hair becomes resistant to moisture and more vulnerable to split ends and breakage.

Over time, this persistent hard water exposure can lead to dryness and even hair loss.

And then you have to consider the effects of hard water on skin. The chemicals in hard water can clog pores, disrupt your skin’s pH balance, and make it harder for moisturizers to penetrate effectively.

As a result, you may experience persistent dry skin, flaking, itching, and general discomfort. The relationship between hard water and acne has been well-documented, and this is largely due to the ways in which hard water chemicals like calcium bicarbonate disrupt the skin’s natural oil and pH levels.

To make matters worse, that same hard water in shower accumulates on your soap and creates soap scum, which further contributes to dryness and discomfort when applied to your skin.

When you weigh all of these factors, it becomes apparent that you absolutely need a hard water shower head—especially if you’ve noticed any of these effects.

Do Shower Filters Work?

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We know that hard water is bad, but the next obvious question is: Do shower filters actually work to combat hard water?

The answer is yes…assuming you have the right kind of filter. So, the question "do filter shower heads work for hard water?" becomes important. Unfortunately, a lot of shower filters fail to effectively purify the water; they simply add more chemicals in the hopes of masking the impurities in the water. You need a shower filter that is specifically designed to tackle hard water issues.

For instance, AquaBliss shower filters are equipped with a proprietary design that infuses your hard water in the shower with beneficial minerals. These minerals help to balance out pH levels and reduce the prominence of unwanted impurities like chlorine and pesticides, making it clear that they do work effectively to address the problem of hard water in the shower.


AquaBliss Hard Water Filter Solutions

Each AquaBliss filter is packed with a combination of active carbon, calcium sulfite, and redox media—minerals that work together to target mineral impurities and improve the quality of your water.

You can literally feel the difference from the moment you start using it.

If you’re looking for the best hard water filter, our most popular hard water shower heads include the AquaBliss HD Revitalizing Shower Filter (infused with rejuvenating vitamins to support health and beauty) and the AquaBliss Heavy Duty Multi-Stage Shower Filter (packed with the maximum concentration of healthy minerals to treat even the most aggressive hard water).

Discover what they can do for your shower.

What Are the Benefits of Filtered Shower Head?

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When you have a high-quality shower filter installed, the following are just a few of the benefits you can count on:

  • Healthier hair. With a hard water shower head, you no longer have to worry about your shower water ravaging your hair. Possible benefits include better hydration, improved shine and luster, and less risk of breakage and premature hair loss.
  • Softer skin. For softer, more radiant skin, consider installing a shower filter that infuses your water with healthy minerals. If you suffer from frequent acne breakouts or persistent dryness, the right shower filter might be part of the solution.
  • Cleaner skin. With the right shower filter, soap scum becomes a thing of the past. That means you no longer have to worry as much about the quality of your soap degrading. Your soap works more effectively, and it penetrates more deeply into your skin.
  • Relief from certain skin conditions. Hard water can exacerbate certain skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. So by installing a hard water shower head, you may experience fewer flare-ups and less discomfort overall.

How Long Does a Filtered Shower Head Last?

AquaBliss shower head filter

Different shower filters will vary in their longevity. Typically, you’ll need to replace your shower filter every 6 months or 10,000 gallons of use (whichever comes first) to maintain proper filtration.

This is one of the core benefits of the AquaBliss system. You don’t have to change the entire system when it’s time to replace it. All you have to do is swap out the cartridge every 6 months.

Changing the cartridge is a simple, quick, no-hassle process, and it only takes a couple of minutes.

How Do You Choose the Best Hard Water Filter?

The right shower filter can work wonders, but you have to do your homework. When shopping for a hard water shower head:

  • Make sure that the product infuses the water with healthy minerals rather than simply masking the unhealthy minerals.
  • Make sure that the manufacturer stands by their product; for instance, AquaBliss offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Make sure that the manufacturer is reputable and has the reviews to back up their claims.
  • Make sure that the product is easy to install and replace as needed.

Once you experience the difference that only a shower filter can provide, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

AquaBliss - Your Ultimate Solution to Hard Water Woes

Ultimate Solution to Hard Water Woes

Navigating the challenges of hard water in the shower is simplified with AquaBliss hard water shower heads. These filters, equipped with a proprietary design featuring active carbon, calcium sulfite, and redox media, effectively address the issues associated with unfiltered tap water.

From preventing hair damage and skin irritation to eliminating soap scum, AquaBliss ensures a revitalizing and hygienic shower experience. With benefits ranging from healthier hair and softer skin to relief from certain skin conditions, AquaBliss stands out as a reliable choice.

The longevity of AquaBliss filters, requiring a simple cartridge replacement every 6 months or 10,000 gallons, adds to the practicality of this solution. Choosing AquaBliss means not only investing in water quality but also in a hassle-free and transformative shower experience.

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