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Calcium Sulfite and Water Filters

Calcium Sulfite and Water Filters

Dispelling the myths behind the hyperbole Calcium sulfite, or CaSO3, as used in water filtration systems, is largely insoluble in water.  Over the 10-12,000 gallon lifetime of our shower filter cartridges, less than 6/100ths (0.06) of 1% will dissolve, but that is only in the coldest water (0ºC/32ºF).  In hotter water that diminishes to 1/100th (0.01) of a single percent. Let’s imagine, for example, that you indulge in a luxurious eight minute shower, with a flowrate of 2.1 gallons per minute.  That means you’re using 17.2 gallons per shower, and a single cartridge will serve you for between 600 and...

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