Why Is My Hair So Dry? Here’s the Reason

woman curling her dry hair

You dream of having luscious locks, but lately, your hair’s been having a rough time — literally. And naturally, you can’t help but to wonder how to transform those “Sahara Desert” locks into “Amazon Rain Forest” hair.

The reality is, dry hair can easily crop up if your locks do not retain or get enough moisture. The lack of moisture reduces your strands’ shine, making your hair appear dull and frizzy.

In light of this, the question you may be asking yourself is, “Why is my hair so dry?”

Here’s a rundown on the top causes of dry hair and what you can do to get your shine back.

woman's dry hair

Dry Hair, the Environment, and Hair Care

Your area’s environmental conditions can easily be one reason. So, if you’re asking, “Why is my hair so dry,” the problem may be your hot, dry climate, or the extensive amount of time you spend in the wind or sun.

Common dry hair causes also include washing your locks too frequently, using harsh styling products, and even dying your hair. Curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers can also dry out your tresses.

woman blow drying her hair

Dry Hair and Water Quality

If you’re asking “Why is my hair so dry,” your problem may also be that your home’s water contains high amounts of chemicals, like chlorine. 

When your hair shafts absorb chlorine, your locks lose sebum, your hair’s natural lubricant. The chlorine’s interference with your scalp’s moisturizing process will cause your hair’s protective cuticles to begin to crack.

This results in brittle hair. Sadly, fragile hair may lead to other hair problems, like hair loss and dandruff due to the drying out of your scalp.

Exposing your hair to large amounts of chlorine may also stunt your hair’s growth by reducing your follicles’ living tissues.

taking shower using showerhead filter

How Filtered Water Can Help

If your water’s high chemical content is the answer to the question of “Why is my hair so dry,” one of the best ways to restore your hair’s moisture is to filter your water.

This can be easily done using showerhead filters that purify water and reduce the amount of harmful contaminants in it. 

With a high-quality filtration system, you can restore clean, soft-feeling water to your shower and fight a common cause of dry hair. This can enhance the look and feel of both your skin and your hair for years to come.

It’s best to stick with a pure filtration system, where the filters don’t have to rely on additives to filter water properly.
showerhead producing drops of water

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