Hard water gets a bad rap. Yes ⏤ it dries out your skin, makes your hair frizzy, and breaks your nails. But the hard minerals in tap water should be the least of your health concerns. There are more than 300 contaminants in unfiltered water that pose a serious health risk. Every time you shower or drink water, you expose your body to chlorine, pesticides, and rocket fuel chemicals.

If you’re concerned with water quality, you’ve come to the right place. At AquaBliss, we provide educational water blogs to increase your awareness and help you lead a healthier life. From discussing the effects of hard water on your skin and hair to explaining why you need at-home shower water filtration systems, here you can find all the information you need about healthy water.

green and brass-colored showerhead in shower
How to Clean Your Water Lines After Flooding

Your home has just flooded, and you’re having a hard time getting over the loss of some of your most valuable furnishings and keepsakes. Fortunately, you and your family members still have your health — life’s most valuable asset. However, if...

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woman drinking bottled water
5 Key Parts of the Body That Dehydration Impacts

You naturally want your body to feel and look its best, so you take your vitamins, schedule your yearly checkups, and avoid eating Haagen-Dazs every night. But the one thing you may be overlooking to keep your body in tip-top shape might be r...

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How Much Water Does A Dishwasher Use? - AquaBliss
How Much Water Does A Dishwasher Use?

Surprisingly, the ever-so-convenient dishwasher isn't the most essential kitchen appliance. But should it be? How much water does a dishwasher use? The answer will surprise you.

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What's Your Water? - AquaBliss
What's Your Water?

Water is often described as the ingredient to life. This necessary substance makes up about 71% of the earth's surface and constitutes 60% of the human body.

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How Much Water Should I Drink a Day? - AquaBliss
How Much Water Should I Drink a Day?

The human body is roughly 60% water. It is also always losing water, be it through sweat, through urine or even through natural respiration. Because the body is constantly losing water over time, drinking water is a necessity to avoid dehydration.

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A person touching the water with their fingertips
Water Hardness Test: How to Test Your Water for Hardness

It is standard for our tap water to contain a range of minerals. Some of these include potassium, calcium, chloride, magnesium, iron, and zinc. A steady supply of these minerals is easy for our bodies to absorb, and they can even contribute t...

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What Is Water Fasting? - AquaBliss
What Is Water Fasting?

Are you trying to lose weight? Or perhaps you're looking for natural ways to reset your body? Many people are catching onto the various benefits of water fasting.

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photo of water in a boiling pot
Can You Remove Fluoride in Water By Boiling It?

Some people are comfortable with fluoride in their H20, whereas others would rather not have it. There is not a clear consensus on whether scientists think it's dangerous to drink this mineral. However, ...

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Sports Drinks vs. Water: Which is the Best Hydration Drink?
Sports Drinks vs. Water: Which is the Best Hydration Drink?

Of all the things we eat and drink, water is the most vital. Water makes up Read more

Water: The Main Ingredient in Beer
Water: The Main Ingredient in Beer

Many brewers and lovers of beer love to muse over the ingredients. We ponder on the flavor profile of our favorite beers. We discuss the hop varietals...

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Discover the Importance of Water Purity Around Your Home

When we talk about water purity, most people think of drinking water. It’s true that what you eat and drink gets absorbed by the body. But ingestion is not the only way your body takes in nutrients or toxins. During a hot shower, your body absorbs the harmful chemicals in tap water through inhalation and skin absorption, making unfiltered shower water a health hazard.

While most people know that drinking chlorinated water is not good for their health, many don’t know that showering in chlorinated water can trigger asthma flare-ups, produce reproductive disorders, and increase the risk of cancer. And this is why many of our blogs discuss the benefits of shower water filtration at home so you can make informed health decisions.

Read AquaBliss Water Blogs to Boost Your Wellness

Are you looking for tips to purify your water? Or perhaps you want to learn how to test your water for hardness? Whatever water-related content you’re looking for, you can find it on our healthy water blogs. Read AquaBliss blogs to learn how at-home water filtration solutions can boost your health and happiness.

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